New Yankee 10: Under the Genie's Thumb

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A genie in a lamp demands a pair of time-tripping heroes make his wishes come true in this all-new adventure starring the mighty Sir John and the magical Lady Mary!

As soon as John and Mary see the golden sands of an ancient desert and the genie hovering above his lamp in a cloud of purple smoke, they know they have never faced a challenge like this one.

They also know the genie must be up to no good, but until they find out what he's hiding, they're going to have obey his every command, or suffer a fate worse than watching an "I Dream of Jeannine" marathon. (Actually, Mary likes "I Dream of Jeannine", but John would rather watch "Forged in Flames".)

This new adventure brings fresh new challenges for players to complete. As time management masters and rookies alike guide John and Mary through dozens of exhilarating levels, they must master the art of piloting a magic carpet, complete quests for lesser genies.

Whether you want to play a single level to pass a few minutes of time or immerse yourself for hours in a beautifully rendered game world and the epic story it contains, New Yankee: Under the Genie's Thumb will make you feel like your wishes have been granted!

  • Conquer 53 fun and challenging levels
  • Master three addictive mini-games
  • Collect dozens of achievements
  • Choose between Expert, Normal and Relaxed modes
  • New Yankee 10: Under the Genie's Thumb
  • New Yankee 10: Under the Genie's Thumb
  • New Yankee 10: Under the Genie's Thumb